ELMON continues to score business points abroad, as during the international SICUR exhibition in Madrid (25-28 February) the Special Forces of the Spanish Navy chose to purchase their bullet proof vest!

ELMON is a leading Defence Contractor and Systems Integrator, registered in Athens, Greece, specializing in Protection, Security and Defence Systems as well as related services to provide the best possible solutions to the most demanding end-users.

All products – systems are thoroughly tested to withstand the harsh conditions of the battlefield. Customized solutions are offered to meet specific demands in the areas of military, homeland security and training.
Elmon has a strong extrovert approach to exports and exploring new markets with customers in more than 20 countries, and is recognized as one of the most innovative, customer-driven firms in personal protection by delivering uncompromising quality.
The ELMON APD ballistic vest

The ΙΙΙΑ ballistic vest Fovos by ELMON is one of the most durable and lightest vests ever made able to meet the most stringent requirements, certified by TNO laboratories in the Netherlands. The vest has a NIJ 0101.04 certification.

The vest contains high quality material like Dyneema and Artec and state of the art design. It has been designed to offer a large degree of side protection and features a highly flexible anti-ballistic panel, offering protection:
– from 9mm projectiles with intrusion not over 23mm.
– from DM51 hand grenade
– from SG1 type knives up to 20J according to HOSDB
– from syringes according to VPAM KDIW 2004 Class I1
It is certified by the relevant bureau against multiple hits from Tokarev FMJ 7.62*25mm & 9mm V50>500m/sec
It weighs just 1.5kg with medium sized ballistic material
The vest inside is constructed of 3D SPACER fabric that offers 70% less contact with the body allowing better skin respiration.
10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Written by E.Tsiliopoulos
Source www.newgreektv.com